You're never to old to meditate

Since I was a teenager I always thought of myself as sort of a "hippie". I have always loved the whole peace, love and happiness mantra but never in my life thought about meditating. Meditating to me was always for the Buddhist type person, the person who didn't wear makeup or wash their hair, the person that never cared about bills and jobs. Not that this is how a Buddhist is but this was my mindset on people who mediated. 

A few years ago I had a friend talk to me about Tantric Meditation and how it helped him with his sexuality which btw we are never to old to talk about sexuality either but that's another conversation.  I looked up Tantric Meditation and knew that I was right these people that meditate are crazy! I went on with my everyday technology and  tv busy life and did not give meditation another thought, then last year my daughter took up yoga and started talking about meditating with an app called Headspace. What was I to think now, my daughter is not Buddhist and she has a good job and takes care of bills why is she meditating? 

I had a lot going on in my life last year including being a juror on a 4 month jury trial so I decided if my daughter can meditate I might as well try because it must be the thing to do now days. 

I decided there would be no sitting in a meditating position and started listening to minute meditations as I got ready in the morning. Months went by and minutes went by and my thoughts continued to run across my brain so I knew I really was not listening. So okay daughter, I tried Headspace but still on my own terms while lying on my acupuncture mat because that way my husband would think I was just being my kooky self giving myself acupuncture.

I soon found out I am not to old to meditate, in fact mediation changed my life. I now meditate daily sitting at my desk in the mornings for 10 minutes and I feel so much more focused and productive. It may sound crazy but my brain has become so much calmer, so less scattered in just 10 minutes I only think of one thing instead of a zillion things on my mind for those 10 minutes. 

My daughter is in her 30's, I'm in my 50's and now it's time to teach my mom to meditate who is 80 because "you're never to old to meditate"