Living for tomorrow.....

When I was young I never really thought about tomorrow. It was always live in the moment, live for today because who knew if there would be a tomorrow. Today I find myself living for tomorrow, watching what I eat, exercising ( a little bit), because I want there to be a tomorrow. I want there to be a tomorrow for my family and friends. Oh yes, there are still those of us my age who are living for today and not thinking about tomorrow. Those are the people who don't have a savings ( yes I was always a live for today so savings was not even a thought) those of us who don't eat right and of course those of us who say who needs exercise.

My dad was always a live for today person so that is probably where I got it from.  My dad was a heavy smoker and a pretty good drinker. His motto was "you have to die of something" Well he did die and he died way to young. My dad was in his early 60's and had lung cancer, he did not tell anyone how sick he was. He went to work everyday selling shoes with a cigarette in the backroom and I am sure a beer or 2 in the fridge. My mother got a call one day from his boss and was told that my dad could no longer work, he was weak and frail and could hardly wait on customers anymore. He still would not go to the doctor because he didn't not even want to think about "tomorrow" . We had a Dr. come to the house and he was diagnosed with lung cancer with only a month or so to live. He continued to smoke until he took his last breath because yes he was living for today. 

We don't know what tomorrow will bring and life is certainly a journey but as I age I am "living for tomorrow" I still have lots of hopes and dreams and will live everyday being grateful not only today but for my "TOMORROW"