What is senior living?

What is senior living?
2017 is starting out to be quite a year with so many concerns about healthcare reform, the state of the economy and the cost of assisted living communities.
So just what is Senior Living now days?
More and more older adults are moving in with adult children to preserve assets and help support children. This has been widely excepted in other countries for centuries. It’s only in recent years that this has become more common in the United States. I see new housing subdivisions popping up called NextGen housing. Lennar Homes in the Phoenix area is one of the first to have NextGen housing. Lennar calls it “The Home Within a Home” this opens the door to an array of financial and logistical benefits, while providing the opportunity to share the comfort of your home with loved ones. With this concept cost are lower and also sharing of services, maybe my mom would cook some wonderful comfort dinners and my husband would maintain the yard so my mom does not have to. Whatever the sharing this is an amazing idea that I love.
But what if I’m not in the situation to buy one of these new NextGen houses and my mom or dad can no longer maintain the house that they are living in and does not want to move.
Senior Living can then require some home care services or check-in services like Lilytoday offers because wouldn’t we all still want the comfort of home? Well maybe not, retirement living can be so much more now days. There are Retirement Communities all over the place being built.
You move in when your independent and discover all that the community has to offer; meals, friends, exercise programs, swimming (at least in Arizona) outings to movies and shopping and even casino trips.  These communities do come at a cost one that you might not be ready for.
You then wait until maybe you or your parent needs medication management or nursing care. Assisted Living Communities still offer a realm of amenities from 24-hour staff, medication management, 3 meals a day, help with daily living needs and they still offer activities and outings.

Whatever senior living means for you Lilytoday can help compare cost, explore and tour communities and find the right fit for you or your family member. When you want a real person and not an agency we will advocate for you and find the services you need.
We also offer check-in services for not only those at home but for those in assisted living communities. Do you live out of town and want to check in on mom or dad? Are you going on vacation and want the peace of mind that they are ok? With weekly check-ins we can report back to you immediately and give you the chance to relax and no everything is fine or what needs to be taken care of.