6 Tips for Enrolling in Medicare

It's Open Enrollment time, so here's how to navigate the Medicare maze

Medicare expert Keith Armbrecht gives 6 tips to help with open enrollment 

First, sign up for Medicare through the Social Security Administration, and that agency will be your contact point for questions as well as your actual registration.

1. Start early and don’t procrastinate

2. Study each type of Medicare plan and try to gain a clear understanding of all of them. The plans you’ll need to research include:

  • Plan A (covering medical facilities)
  • Plan B (covering medical providers)
  • Plan C (Medicare Advantage plans, which mimic private insurance plans and function as an alternative to a Plan A/Plan B package)
  • Plan D (prescription drug plans, used to supplement coverage gaps) 
  • The government’s Medicare site is a good place to start looking for information but don’t limit yourself to just one source. 

3.Find someone to assist you with your research (if you think that would help) We can help refer you to a  Medicare specialist.

4. Call Social Security with any specific Medicare questions before you sign up for Medicare 800-772-1213.

5. Pick the right time to call so you can avoid long delays. The busiest times for Social Security (and the hardest times to get through) are on Mondays, Fridays, early in the morning and on, or near, the first of the month.

6. Above all, don’t get stressed.