My usual summer reading  usually consists of Nutrition and Motivational books but this summer I ran across a book on Ageism - This Chair Rocks: A manifesto against ageism by Ashton Applewhite. I really love some of the things she writes about especially that:


Age denial keeps many people from making lifestyle choices that pay off in the long run.

This book has really made me look differently on ageing. Although my own mother is soon to be 80 I never really think of her as old. She has quite the young spirit and still thinks she is a sexy woman. I love that about her! I hate the saying "aging gracefully: because really how graceful is it to see those new wrinkles appear every year.  Ashton Applewhite talks about that there is no such thing as anti-aging, about embracing our age no matter how old. Some of us will live long healthy lives and some of us will need more help than others and just like youngers some of us may fall ill mentally and or physically. So I say dance when you can even if it's by yourself and smile it will feel good.  Keep moving, Keep dreaming and  embrace your age no matter what it is.  Someday I may have to help my mom decide where she wants to live when she wants a community where she can dance or needs extra help or a lot of help. But until then my mom is my mom she is just older than me :)