It's been a long time since my dear friend left this earth. I still miss her calls for me to come over to fix a crisis. In actuality there was no crisis at all. Lily lived alone for over 50 years and I could tell she just wanted company. She did receive meals on wheels and I am sure she tried her darnedest  to keep the delivery person there but they are on a schedule. People love their homes but living alone can get extremely lonely and isolating. 

It's hard helping a parent, friend, relative or yourself to make the decision to move away. That is why we make sure you are comfortable with your choice. Lily did not have a choice, see she was being taken advantaged of by her neighbor and then was placed in a nursing home not of her choice but for her protection. I still say to this day "if only" she was given a choice.

This is why placement plans are so important to us. There may be little time for placement or no family to help, we take the time to research and tour communities and share our findings with you. 


Laura Larkin