Home Organization

Relocating means packing and unpacking which often elicits stress. Moving can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to help.

Maggie has years of experience home organizing, TIDYING & CLEANING:

  • Downsize

  • Declutter and Organize

  • Sort, Purge & Store

  • Donate (we will donate to Goodwill on your behalf) 

    • Prepare for Garage or Estate Sales

  • Prepare for move: run errands, pack,unpack, etc.

  • Organize family paperwork / financial & billings systems / photographs / family memorabilia

plans start at $30 an hour, dependent on Scope of work.

Maggie Sommer


 Mobile: (623) 850-3453



Overwhelmed with moving? Too much to do and not enough time?  We're here with smiles and ready to jump in!

Whether it's collaborating across the miles or in town, we work in tandem to offer senior clients and families a stress-free, joyful move experience."

The most time-consuming tasks are those you may not think of at the onset of a moving process. Disposing of trash, cleaning house, transferring or disconnecting utilities, organizing at the new home, are all services LilyToday provides. We have knowledge for finding local realtors, repair companies, auctioneers, etc. 

Helpful moving tips:

1.Plan ahead  2.Take Pictures 3. Hire Movers  4.Go slow  5.Plan a layout  6.Give them tasks  7.Start Small  8.Give them space