Senior Wellness 


S/Wellness Coaching

We don't have to be afraid of aging. We can celebrate our age, because we've learned more and become smarter, wiser, stronger and more accomplished with every year. This program I'll be creating for you will give you a road map to age, it will not be anti-aging at all. Join our summer Gut Health Program.

Nutritional Assessment

Nutrition Assessment

Nutritional Assessment is helpful no matter what age. We will look at what foods you are currently eating, what can be changed or what may need to be changed. We'll also look at reality and see that health can fail and how to deal with it if it happens, adjust your nutrition accordingly along with collaborating with your doctor when needed. 


Meal Planning

Receive specialized one-on-one attention with an engaging Board Certified Health Counselor who will customize your nutritional learning, help you develop personal goals to achieve success. With thoughtful and helpful techniques for menu ideas, meal planning and making healthy choices within your budget we would love to be a part of your lifestyle journey.Learn quick tips to plan meals. Need solutions that are easy and quick?Need meals created for you? On a budget?

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