WE provide Free Personalized assessment of your senior living needs, quality of life referrals and Senior housing options

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Senior Check-In Service (NEW!)

 Personalized tours, Licensing checks - Pre-visits
 We match you to the communities that best meet your needs, assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer's care, nursing homes  and see you through the moving process.

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Local personal assessment at no additional cost to you.

We offer personalized assessments that evaluate your care needs, budget, geographical preference and lifestyle choices.

Ask us about receiving a free copy of The Senior Care Organizer 

We have a long commitment to excellence, education, and community advocacy. With over 25 years in the Social Services field, we are committed to our families and communities. Laura and Maggie work together to assess a multitude of personal needs and family requests.

LilyToday is also a proud partner of The Delia Foundation, a non-profit  that assists low income seniors with housing needs.

"Love fly's away when we try to push others into our mold"

"Love fly's away when we try to push others into our mold"